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IE Browser Extension Creator

Project Description
For the first time, anyone can easily register their Internet Explorer Browser Extension. This program automatically creates all necessary registry entries based on a few simple questions. All assemblies were/are created with Visual Basic 2008 and the .Net Framework 3.5

The Module used to convert the keys to a Visual Studio readable string which will be used by the final wizard to publish the keys to a visual studio setup project.

Because of some setbacks, I have not been able to work on this project and I am sorry for any inconveniences this has caused. However, I have come across this project which I highly recomend to anyone interrested: SpiceIE.

The Full wizard will be available soon...

OK, but why should I use this program?

1. Good Question----Simply put, This program with only a few clicks,seriously, can compile all the necessary registry entries to allow Internet Explorer to load your browser extension. It is possible to do this yourself (See this MSDN Article). However, this can be very time consuming and confusing.

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